Have You Always Dreamt of Taking To The Skies Like A Real Pilot?

Have you ever thought about the possibilities of flying a Real plane with modern realistic flight modeling system as well as actual controls of cockpits in the comfort of your house? If not, you may need to start thinking about it now.

But First, Here’s The BIG Problem

Without a doubt, other commercially available flight simulators would have been tried as an enthusiast, we have all tried them, but the end result is not only discouraging but also frustrating.

  • Poor collection of world terrain as well as out-of-date aircraft. Most software bears an imperfect database with occasional updates and the limited offering of “working” aircraft.
  • Unrealistic flight dynamics and cockpit mockups. The physics is nearly laughable, and the cockpits are entirely inaccurate on the majority of aircraft. (A lot of controls are not even working)Part three concentrates on utilizing energetic vibrations and affirmations for attraction.
  • Slow, clunky and certainly not really function. The same as you, we’re dissatisfied with incompatibility and the complex platform of other flight Sims.
  • No instrument flying and out-of-date technique database for airports. In fact, the well-known FSX falls short in many ways.
  • Poor images and scenery versions. For those who don’t have a “super-computer,” nearly all flight Sims look completely ugly with poor diagrams.

We Spent 5 Years Coming Up With A Better Simulator

Just like you, we knew that it has got to be a better way to make flight simulators the way it was meant to be played.

It is also our beliefs as it is with you that there must be a better method for flight simulators to be made if it is to be played appropriately. And as a bearer of good news, I say the wind of change is blowing across the flight simulation industry, and it all has to do with a powerful new flight simulator which will ensure that everything is revolutionized as well as brings change to the way flying games are being experienced. Thus, after FAA and NASA have successfully completed intensive development and research which has taken nothing less than five years, you are presented with:

Virtual Pilot 3D

The Ultra-Realistic Flight Sim Used By Pilots

That Lets You Fly Over Anywhere In The World

“There’s Simply Nothing In The Market That Beats VirtualPilot3D For Sheer Realism”

With real scenery, real aircraft and cockpits, VirtualPilot3D™ is wholly designed to be 100% authentic. Without a doubt, no other flight simulator that can be compared with this for sheer realism.

Each element of the game is intended to provide you the genuine experience of flying a plane, from the incredible full-sized cockpit mockups and crazy down-to-earth flight dynamics on a profound scientific level.

FAA Certified & Used As A LIVE Training Platform For Actual Pilots

It has been utilized since its inception as an alternative large flight stimulator that are used in training qualified pilots. It is certified for commercial use and provides hardware and frame-rate checks required for FAA certification. VirtualPilot3D™ is also currently in beta testing stage all over participating flight schools worldwide. You will not know the fantastic features of VirtualPilot3D™ unless you take a look including:

Fly Over 200+ Different Aircraft

With VirtualPilot3D™, you have the chance to experience a considerable number of aircraft first hand, ranging from a helicopter to Airbus 380s

  • More than 200+ several planes to fly. Indeed, no other flight sim in the industry comes close to providing this number!
  • Unlike a pilot, in reality, you have got a solid option, meaning it is possible to experience flying much more versions than you could ever wish to.
  • Honestly check your flight expertise by flying various kinds of planes – feel how “heavy” a Boeing 737 feels in comparison to a Cessna!

Real Controls Based on Real Cockpits!

VirtualPilot3D™ has actual controls of the cockpit which is based on modern realistic flight modeling system, high fidelity and visual that delivers a total immersion experience.

  • 100% precise cockpits along with the devices in accordance with real-life planes
  • The simulator is made to imitate “real flying” to provide you with the true experience of how it would feel to fly a right plane.
  • Every single airplane has an engaging integrated course to help you through the control panels – hence you’ll be working with radiant light with any new airplane instantly.

Land Anywhere Worldwide with 25,000 Airports!

  • You get to take off from and land globally at over 25,000 real-life airports!
  • Just select your preferred airport, runway in addition to climate conditions from the launch wizard and you’re free to travel around the globe.
  • Choose to ascend from San Jose airport, runway 15 or JFK in New York or just about ANY airport you want to fly from

Real World Instrument Behavior

With realistic instrument behavior, all inputs accurately mimic how controls react.

  • Experience the REAL EFFECTS of the wind and climate if you happen to be traveling through turbulent weather, the controls will lag adequately the same as in real life.
  • It provides you with complete real pilot control, even in the course of a full systems breakdown. The controls are going to respond in emergency circumstances in the same way as their real-life counterparts.
  • Realistically models real-life instrument behavior in all possible circumstances.

Ultra Realistic Scenery

The standard of detail in the scenery goes from remarkable to magnificent. As opposed to other flight Sims, this type utilizes real 3D landscape from Google Maps.

  • VirtualPilot3D™ considers seasonal effects and has incredibly detailed daytime modeling.
  • That indicates the celestial bodies, the Sun, Moon, Stars, and Planets, all adhere to their appropriate paths in the simulator, precisely like they do in actual life.
  • Ground lighting in built-up urban areas, car headlights on major roadways, precise airport approach lights, and tower warning lights. They are all part of the VirtualPilot3D™ flying encounter.

Changeable, Unpredictable Real-Time Weather

  • Accurate mapping of the solar system as well as real-time weather. Therefore if it’s raining in Colorado in reality, it will be raining in Colorado in the game!
  • The integrated “real sync” know-how enables you to set the weather to what it is immediately. You can also opt to fly in ANY climatic conditions you prefer.
  • You also have the choice to utilize REAL WEATHER DATA from the NOAA weather support.
  • With this attribute, VirtualPilot3D™ locates the closest airport to you, can get the real-world climate conditions around that airport such as temperature, dew point, pressure density, wind, and visibility.

Full ATC & Navigation

  • You’ll get the very best ATC system in comparison to any other accessible flight sim including Ground, Tower, Departure, Approach and Centre ATC.
  • Includes correct instrument approach plates for several airports, ILS, VOR, NDB procedures not to mention GPS waypoints.
  • Fly a real airline route. VirtualPilot3D™ will create you a route employing present actual waypoints, standard departure as well as approach process

Complete Worldwide Scenery

  • Fly from any location, so it is possible to even fly over your own house!
  • The integrated “real sync” technology allows you to set the weather to what it is presently. It is possible to prefer to fly in ANY climatic conditions you want.
  • Complete around the world terrain depending on NASA and Google Maps signifies where you decide to fly only restricted by your thoughts.
  • Explore the Himalayas, check out the Eiffel Tower or perhaps fly over the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

Fly With A Worldwide Network of Players

  • With our multiplayer coverage, it is easy to fly along with other pilots and explore the globe altogether.
  • Using the incorporated Google Maps finder, you will find the location of other VirtualPilot3D™ customers and reach out to them effortlessly.
  • Game for something much more interesting? You may also select military planes and embark on dogfights with other customers.

Full Hardware Support & Multi-Use License

  • Supports all sorts of hardware which includes the yoke, foot pedals, flight control systems, and joysticks to provide you with an even more practical flying adventure
  • Compatible with all models of Windows with assistance for numerous monitors (up to 9) for an undeniably immersive experience.
  • With our multi-use license, one can install this on various systems. It does not have any limitations, in contrast to other comparable games out there.

Here’s The Complete Overview Of Features

  • Select from 200+ Airplanes & Helicopters; thus you’ll by no means run short of modern machines to test
  • Select Uncommon Planes such as the 1903 Wright Flyer and Airbus 380, so you can encounter what it is like to pilot planes that other Sims don’t possess.
  • Choose from 25,000 + real life airports in the full scenery set, consequently won’t need to be satisfied with the standard packages provided by other programs.
  • Supports all hardware, so you can make use of your yoke, foot pedals, throttle to make the flight more practical.
  • Integrated with Google Maps in Real Time, you’ll know your location in the world
  • Comes with a video tutorial, allowing you to discover ways to fly planes conveniently even if you happen to be a total novice.
  • Air-to-Air Refueling feature, so you can ultimately check if your expertise is up to it.
  • Supports All Versions of Window, so it is possible to put it to use regardless of what PC you have at home.
  • FREE Lifetime Updates from the open source community, which means you never need to shell out a single cent for your simulator.
  • Built-In Engaging Tutorials for each aircraft which leads you in-game on making use of the flight control panels.
  • Experience Real-Life Helicopter Handling, you are going to feel how it is to take a healthcare chopper and land it on the edge of a cliff or a plateau.
  • Realistic Controls and Instrument Behavior, you can modify devices in the cockpit (even the compass moves according to your circumstances)
  • Features the Nimitz and the Eisenhower, so that you can ultimately encounter landing on an Aircraft Carrier.
  • Multiplayer Enabled, so you can challenge as well as perform aerobatics with other participants.
  • Enhanced “Ultra-Realistic” Scenery so that you can observe cities, towns, lakes, rivers, roads, railroads, and so much more.
  • Choose from 200+ Planes & Helicopters, therefore you’ll never run short of new equipment to test.
  • Select Rare Planes like the 1903 Wright Flyer and Airbus 380, so it is possible to experience how it is to pilot aircraft that other Sims don’t have.
  • Choose from 25,000 + real life airports in the full scenery set, so won’t have to go for the typical packages provided by other programs.

Plus Advanced Features For The Serious Pilots.

Intelligent ATC

When compared with any other available flight sim, VirtualPilot3D™ has the most excellent ATC system which includes Ground, Tower, Departure, Approach, as well as centre ATC.

As you play the game, services are being controlled by the advanced A.I that provides simulated air traffic. Vectors, ILS, LOC or visual approaches can be requested to an airport. ATIS can also be obtained for an airport, takeoff and landing can also be requested.

Autopilot & Instrument Flying

Autopilot modes with various controls that can be used effortlessly, and while the plane flies itself, take your time to enjoy the scenery. Six flight instruments are supported by fully featured instrument flying capabilities including:

  • The Airspeed Indicator (ASI)
  • The Attitude Indicator (AI)
  • The Altimeter (ALT)
  • The Turn Coordinator (TC)
  • The Directional Gyro (DG)
  • The Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI)

Fly A Real Airline Route

When compared with any other available flight sim, VirtualPilot3D™ has the most excellent ATC system which includes Ground, Tower, Departure, Approach, as well as centre ATC. As you play the game, services are being controlled by the advanced A.I that provides simulated air traffic. Vectors, ILS, LOC or visual approaches can be requested to an airport. ATIS can also be obtained for an airport, takeoff and landing can also be requested.

Scenery Designer & Flight Planner

With our software, your scenery can be designed, and your own landmarks, new buildings, landscapes, rivers, lakes or Mountains can be created. Literarily, you can decide the world you want to fly in and design it. For you to customize your flight, speedily and effortlessly, to any destination on earth before takeoff, you will have access to flight planner software. It makes use of real-life data, and all that is required from you is to look for a location and map for your flight between your airport and your chosen destination.